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TrinSPIN, Inc. is a Fargo-based technology solutions business that solves technology issues for your home and business. We were founded in 2011 by our President, Trinity Schaff who has over 25 years of experience in the electronics industry. It’s our goal to help you understand the power of technology and importance of making sure you’re prepared for your potential technology challenges.


The cliche’ ‘the devil’s in the details’ couldn’t be more true. We pay attention to the details of your project and your business, as they’re important. We respect the particulars and work with excellence. From the smallest projects to the largest jobs, we focus on every part of your technology project from initial consultation through the installation process. You’re not alone in your efforts and we spend all the time necessary to finish your project the right way. We treat you, your project, and your business with the utmost respect because we care.


Our name is a combination of our founder’s name and the ‘spin’ he puts on the work we do. The first part, Trin, is from our founders name, Trinity. And the ‘spin’ comes from the passionate twist we give to the industry and work we do for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We’re creative in our problem solving abilities and pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box in order to bring technology solutions to our clients.


What makes us unique is the trust we build with you because we pay attention to the details. When you choose a technology vendor like TrinSPIN, you want to know that nothing will be missed and your project will be completed with perfection and excellence. We ensure that your technology problems will be fixed through the professionalism of our staff and through the knowledge of top notch technicians. After your project is done, we want you to be raving fans by telling others about the fantastic experience you had with the best technology contractor in the Fargo/Moorhead area.

Trinity Schaff - TrinSPIN, Inc. - Fargo, ND

Trinity Schaff, Founder & President
Photo Credit: Paul Flessland, Fargo Inc!

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