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Home Audio and Video

You want your home to feel like home, and not a mess of wires and cords. We offer the best Home Audio and Video solutions to enhance your sound and video experience without turning your home into a sound stage.

Home Media

A Home Media room is an experience, a place to watch games, family movies nights, and enjoy yourself. You can get your Home Media room without being a techie. We take the stress out of it. You can have your own at Home Media studio without doing the work yourself.

We are professionals that handle all the low voltage wiring and make sure everything is clean and not a tangle of cords. We hook up controls to manage your Home Media system from your phone, iPad, or Tablet. Even if your space is not ideal, we can find a solution to create a Home Media system to fit your needs.

Home Theater System

Are you a huge film buff, but hate going to the theater? Love watching your favorite movies in the comfort of your home? The difference between a living space and a Home Theater System is their purpose. When we transform a room to be a Home Theater, we work to create a space designed to submerge you in the movie watching experience.

We work to maximize the acoustics to block outside noise and highlight the films sound, along with working to place the correct projector in place to boost your viewing experience.

Multi-Room Music

Looking for a way to play music throughout your entire home? We simplify the old method of having a volume knob on the wall. Instead, you can use state of the art central controls. There are multiple options from touch panels or iPad remote.

We can maximize sound by strategically placing speakers throughout several different rooms. We also work to put speakers in an unobtrusive fashion to prevent ruining the look of your Fargo home.

Home Video

Want a fantastic Home Video room, but hate trying to mess with finding the right screen and wiring it?

We can help you.

We lend you our knowledge to find the best solution for your home, tracking latest technology with your personal preference. We’ll work with your budget and help you choose the right equipment depending on your needs.

High-Performance Audio

With so many audio options available for homeowners, it can be difficult choosing the best solution for your home. Luckily, we’re here to help.

We can blend your soundbar in with the rest of your home, easily, which amplifies your TV and creates the perfect balance for whatever room you desire.

Outdoor Entertainment

Want to bring the party outdoors? Now you can! We work to help you add music, video, and lighting outside.

We can make your outdoor space feel just as cozy and full of technology. Your family and friends can enjoy music pleasantly from speakers that blend into your yard or sip a beer and watch a movie under the stars.

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